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Northwest Oregon
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Northwest Oregon community for people who currently live in, have ever lived in, or are somehow connected with this region of the world to hang out, say hello, post news, etc. This is just starting right now, but hopefully we'll find a few members scattered across livejournal land.

So, if you're from/previously from Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Gearheart, Surf Pines, Knappa, Clatskanie, Tillamook (damn mooks), Vernonia, Jewell, Westport, or any of those other little villages we might be forgetting, feel free to join and say hello & all that jazz. You can post a general introduction, or answer these COMPLETELY BORING QUESTIONS:

Name: (first, last, nickname-- doesn't matter)
School you go to (if applicable):
Favorite species of animal:
How long you've lived in the NW?:
EEEHAAAAA: [Anything else you'd like to share]
Best place to hang out in your city?:
Make up a better question than these ones, because obviously I SUCK at question-writing:

Thankya kindly. Hopefully once we get enough members, this might turn into something quite neat. We've just been looking for people through directory searches, but if you know anyone else who doesn't have their location listed, feel free to invite them. :)

The moderators, as of !RIGHT NOW!, are
spices [gingerandbread(@)livejournal.com or bakeheracake(@)gmail.com]
sideway [sideway(@)livejournal.com or advesperate(@)gmail.com]

Remember, rain is love. Love = rain. Yes. All that rain is wonderful weather for sitting & rotting in front of the computer.

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