Shannon (rrredhead) wrote in nworegon,

Wanted: A Cow

Here's the deal:

One of our board members purchased one of the "art cows" that were all over Portland a few years back. The cow (known as "Cowmedia dell'Arte") was "donated" to Oregon Ballet Theatre and used in a comedic interpretation of The Nutcracker but the cow has gone missing...for several years. Now the board member wants her cow back and no one seems to know where it is. OBT has a new artistic director and almost an entirely new staff. If any of the previous staff members know where it is, they aren't talkin' so we're at a loss.

Rumor has it, the cow is somewhere at the Oregon coast in someone's field. I posted about this in damnportlanders about 2 months ago and received a reply that said I might find it somewhere along Highway 101 near Tillamook. My boss and I took a drive out there one weekend without success.

I know this whole situation is very amusing but seriously, if you can help me out, I'll be a hero among my co-workers. And so I pose this question to you in desperation: Have you seen this cow?!

Photo #1
Photo #2
<a href=">Photo #3</a> Please and thank you for any help you can offer!
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