A chick who lives on Alki (alki_chick) wrote in nworegon,
A chick who lives on Alki

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I hope it's ok to post this here....

If not feel free to delete, I've already posted in a few travel communities with zero results, but I would like some help.

Next week I'm headed down to Cannon Beach, (from Seattle), for some much needed rest and relaxation. I was told Cannon Beach would be the perfect place for that so I went ahead and booked a place to stay, without checking out what the entire city has to offer...

The only thing I plan on doing besides relaxing is enjoying and photographing the sunsets, are the any other things I should plan on snapping some pictures of? Anything off the beaten path I should be sure to see or do? Any recommendations on places to eat at or to stay far far away from? How about a nice bar or tavern where a single girl can belly up to and feel welcomed by the locals?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or recommendations.
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