Chevy (ladyxbug) wrote in nworegon,

Intro and Astoria question

Name: Teresa
Age: 24
Location: Portland/Vancouver, WA
School you go to (if applicable): Mt. Hood Community College
Favorite species of animal: dog
How long you've lived in the NW?: 16 years
Interests: classic cars, education, gardening, the beach, anything outdoors.
EEEHAAAAA: [Anything else you'd like to share] Uh, no.
Best place to hang out in your city?: I like hole in the wall bars, and any body of water on hot, sunny days.

I am considering moving to Astoria for school. What can you tell me about the cost of rent for a 1 bedroom apartment, smallish duplex or renting a room in Astoria? Any resources for finding rooms or roomates there, or is the Astorian the best way to go?

Thanks in advance! :)
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