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My attempt in making this a little more active...

So, just an update for all of you from Colleen, since Margit ran away to AUSTRIA.

The Great Columbia Crossing will be on October 2nd. Don't know what that is? Well, click here!

1984 will be showing at The River Theatre October 14th through the 23rd. The adapted version will be put on by Astoria High School. Contact The River Theatre for more information.

Homecoming will be on October 29th with a Homecoming game on October 28th. More info at a later time.

Sporting Events:
Astoria High School only from me, seeing as I am a Fisherman.
Cross Country
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer

I'll try and post when the events are taking place at home either that day, or the day after.

TODAY: (even though we missed it)
Girls Soccer at 6 pm

Girls Soccer VS Scappoose @ 6:00 pm
JV Football VS Wilsonville @ 5:00 pm (?)
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For Seaside, out homecomming week/game is two weks before the dance. Isn't that bizarre?
what the crap?! who does that?!
Crazy people? I'm not sure. There's some explination behind it. I think...
hey colleen how are you doing? sorry about my friend calling. she wanted to call someone so i said the first # that came to mind. its funny that yours was the first. lol well w/b to let me know how you are doing