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I hope it's ok to post this here....

If not feel free to delete, I've already posted in a few travel communities with zero results, but I would like some help.

Next week I'm headed down to Cannon Beach, (from Seattle), for some much needed rest and relaxation. I was told Cannon Beach would be the perfect place for that so I went ahead and booked a place to stay, without checking out what the entire city has to offer...

The only thing I plan on doing besides relaxing is enjoying and photographing the sunsets, are the any other things I should plan on snapping some pictures of? Anything off the beaten path I should be sure to see or do? Any recommendations on places to eat at or to stay far far away from? How about a nice bar or tavern where a single girl can belly up to and feel welcomed by the locals?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or recommendations.
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September 9 2005, 03:05:33 UTC 11 years ago

Cannon Beach is really lovely, so there'll be no shortage of photographic opportunities. I can't really speak for restaurants or points of interest in Cannon Beach - they may exist, but unless you're into extensively touring bakeries and kite stores, there's a good chance you may want to visit Seaside (5-10 minutes North) or Astoria (30 minutes North). While Seaside is good for outlet shopping and predictable tourist-y, beach stuff, I'd particularly recommend spending some time in Astoria, there's a lot of really good places to eat (tons of Seafood places, Fulio's for Italian, the Columbian Cafe for vegetarian/organic dishes), a few really nice bars (the Voodoo Room comes to mind), tons and tons of photo opts, and a lot to see.

I hope this helps!
This helps a lot thank you so much for all the info.
Honestly, Astaoria's the best for relaxing and eating and things like that. I live in Seaside, so if you want the whole tourist-y experience, go there. Cannon Beach is alright. I'm not a big fan. Again, Astroia's the best. Also, Gearhart is a lovely, sleepy little comunity. If you want to relax on the beach, I say Gearhart. Plus, I believe there's many a lovely spot to take photographs. The best places to eat are The Stand in Seasde (Mexican food), Columbia Cafe, Urban Cafe, Fulio's, Rio Cafe (all in Astoria) and Paciffic Way in Gearhart. Also, The Tenth Muse is a great bookstore, if you're interested. It's in Seaside.
Thank you so much for the info, I do plan on stopping in Astoria on the way down, I keep hearing lovely things about it. I'm sure I'll have a great mini vacation.
oh, i love cannon beach so much. make sure you go to indian beach, there are some trails up there that have beautiful views. also go to haystack rock, thats always fun. i personally live in seaside and i think that seaside is more of a "tourist town" than cannon beach, its more of a laid back scene. i think you'll really enjoy it. small, but perfect.