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This is my response to what has happened in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Who doesn’t watch the news? Who doesn’t know what is going on? The news tells how horrible this situation is. How so many people are suffering and DYING and how the government has been so slow to react. The president has not done nearly enough to help. Sure he talks about it but it has taken 4 DAYS for the aid.
The poor and sick and old are dying. There has been no way for so many to leave. And who knows what will be uncovered when the water is gone. Families are being separated and pets are left to die.
THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!! THIS IS THE USA!!!! WE HAVE THE MONEY!!! But why is it taking so long??????
After 9/11/01 the nation came together. Now the president won’t go into the hard hit areas. Why? Maybe he is afraid of the people because he doesn’t understand them. He has no idea what it is to suffer or feel loss. He is one of the few privileged and I see NO emotion from him. Does he even really care?????? Maybe he doesn’t want to see the true devastation that is reflected in the eyes of those around him. Those who are now suffering. Those who have no clue where their loved ones are or where they will go when they finally get out. They don’t know where their next meal or bath is coming from.
And what about those who are stranded and waiting for medical help??? How many more people are going to be allowed to die because the government is acting too slow???
What I don’t understand is why the government expects aid from private corporations. Our government which WE ELECTED should have this problem solved!!!! This should not be happening!!!! Where is all the action?????? It drives me crazy to sit here and type this and send money but not see any improvement. The Red Cross and FEMA and the other organizations have been doing the job-but where is the government that WAS ELECTED TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY!!!!
And now that they have started to help, why did it take so long, when others were there from the start why are they just now coming???? If only the president could be impeached for his remarkable stupidity which he has displayed during this time of need.
I am astounded that we can help other countries through tragedy but we can’t save our selves. We put our trust in the president and the government. We trusted them to be there for us when times got rough. But where are they now??? Four days too late and countless excuses too over used.
You see what is happening on the news. We know what is happening. But what are we doing to stop it from continuing and from escalating? How are we going to fix this wound that will surely never heal. All the lost lives. All the destruction. How will our country ever be strong again. Especially after the governments reaction. I certainly don’t trust the president and his cabinet with my life. They have a cushy life style. What are they going to care about me?
And what I want to know is that if something like this ever happens again how will it be handled? Will the same stupid mistakes be made?
I feel that I have barley touched the issue at hand. There are so many things going wrong. The oil, which also plays a part in this tragedy. And the fact that our army is away fighting a war that should not have been spent. As my father said, his father(my grandfather) should not have died to let our president let this happen to our country. All the wars fought in the name of our country were led to help us remain strong. And I ask how strong are we if we allow something like this to happen? How strong are we if we are willing to watch thousands die as they wait for aid?
We have to help. The government must do more. And not in four days. This needs to happen now. We need to see change now. I feel so helpless. I want to help. I want our country to be able to heal.
I keep all those in New Orleans and the other towns and cities and counties that have been devastated in my prayers and my heart. These are my brothers and sisters who are suffering. These are our family members who are dead and dying. What are we doing to help them?
-Kara Boucher
Hartford, CT

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