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[22 Jul 2009|10:34am]

Hi. I am moving to Tillamook in September. I've completed a little research on Tillamook and was hoping to locate more on hiking, coffee shops, etc. Please share any info Tillamook you recommend. I'm moving from Detroit, Michigan.

Name: Carrie
Age: 32
Location: Michigan until 09/2009 then Tillamook
School you go to (if applicable): online Oakland University, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Favorite species of animal: polar bears
How long you've lived in the NW?: N/A
Interests: Hiking, Tai Chi, Films
Best place to hang out in your city?: In Michigan-Birmingham
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[29 Sep 2008|03:02pm]

my partner is looking to start school @ portland state, in about a year or so. if i wanted to live somewhat close to campus (no longer than a 15 minute drive; walking distance would be ideal), which areas, by name, would i look for when scouting for apartments?

also, any areas that you think i should not consider, and why?
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introduction of moi [06 Oct 2006|05:42pm]

Location: seaside
School you go to (if applicable): next fall 07 art academy,san francisco
Favorite species of animal:catdog,racoon...dog...cat...wolf...i dunno
How long you've lived in the NW?:since may
Interests:scary movies,books-i read everything,lost,bsg,my cat mia,art,sketching
EEEHAAAAA: i was hoping to find some events that went on around here, i moved here for a job to raise some money for school but found that there isnt too much to do in my off time, anything going on around seaside?
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x-posted to portland communities [28 Sep 2006|09:28am]

what are your favorite bakeries/pastry shops in portland? wedding cake/specialty cake shops are also included, if anyone knows of any good ones.

i'm in culinary school right now and i'm looking to come to portland for my co-op education, and i need some info from the locals. :)
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Intro and Astoria question [14 Jun 2006|12:12am]

Name: Teresa
Age: 24
Location: Portland/Vancouver, WA
School you go to (if applicable): Mt. Hood Community College
Favorite species of animal: dog
How long you've lived in the NW?: 16 years
Interests: classic cars, education, gardening, the beach, anything outdoors.
EEEHAAAAA: [Anything else you'd like to share] Uh, no.
Best place to hang out in your city?: I like hole in the wall bars, and any body of water on hot, sunny days.

I am considering moving to Astoria for school. What can you tell me about the cost of rent for a 1 bedroom apartment, smallish duplex or renting a room in Astoria? Any resources for finding rooms or roomates there, or is the Astorian the best way to go?

Thanks in advance! :)
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Wanted: A Cow [31 Mar 2006|01:41pm]

Here's the deal:

One of our board members purchased one of the "art cows" that were all over Portland a few years back. The cow (known as "Cowmedia dell'Arte") was "donated" to Oregon Ballet Theatre and used in a comedic interpretation of The Nutcracker but the cow has gone missing...for several years. Now the board member wants her cow back and no one seems to know where it is. OBT has a new artistic director and almost an entirely new staff. If any of the previous staff members know where it is, they aren't talkin' so we're at a loss.

Rumor has it, the cow is somewhere at the Oregon coast in someone's field. I posted about this in damnportlanders about 2 months ago and received a reply that said I might find it somewhere along Highway 101 near Tillamook. My boss and I took a drive out there one weekend without success.

I know this whole situation is very amusing but seriously, if you can help me out, I'll be a hero among my co-workers. And so I pose this question to you in desperation: Have you seen this cow?!

Photo #1
Photo #2
<a href="http://www.saddleoaks.com/archive/2002/cow_parade/050502_16.JPG>Photo #3</a> Please and thank you for any help you can offer!
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[14 Dec 2005|01:50pm]

Hey, my friend and I are coming into seaside friday evening and will be there until Saturday evening. We'll be staying at the seaside hostel. Anything fun going on friday?
Thank you
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Hi All! [02 Dec 2005|06:52pm]

Hey, I, for some reason, decided to log out of my LJ name to see my public posts and see if there were any new replies! Well, I was invited to this community like a year ago, I think!! LMAO!! K, maybe not that long...but atleast a couple months or more!!

My name is Jessica (22). I am from Tillamook! I am originally from the Gresham/Troutdale area. We first moved to Rockaway Beach in June 2003 because of my hubby's new job at the mill. A year later we moved to Tillamook and 6 weeks later, had our 3rd baby girl LOL

Yep, I have 3 little girls. Sarah, who is 4.5yrs (6/6/01), Sammy AKA Samantha, who is 2.5yrs (3/5/03), and Summer, who is 17 months (7/6/04) and is breastfed and cloth diapered.

My husband Carl (25) and I just finally got married on 7/23/05 LOL So yeah, 3 kids and 5 years later, we finally tied the knot!

Tillamook is incredibly boring! I really don't like it out here at all. I miss my family. I guess it is because I don't know but maybe 3 of my neighbors and that is about it. Oh, and a few people from Sarah's preschool...but I just feel so lonely.

I would love to be able to get together and meet some other girls from around this area! I travel to Portland ALOT to see family.

Well, that about sums me up! Wanna know anything else? Just ask! :D
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My attempt in making this a little more active... [27 Sep 2005|07:56pm]

[ mood | blah ]

So, just an update for all of you from Colleen, since Margit ran away to AUSTRIA.

The Great Columbia Crossing will be on October 2nd. Don't know what that is? Well, click here!

1984 will be showing at The River Theatre October 14th through the 23rd. The adapted version will be put on by Astoria High School. Contact The River Theatre for more information.

Homecoming will be on October 29th with a Homecoming game on October 28th. More info at a later time.

Sporting Events:
Astoria High School only from me, seeing as I am a Fisherman.
Cross Country
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer

I'll try and post when the events are taking place at home either that day, or the day after.

TODAY: (even though we missed it)
Girls Soccer at 6 pm

Girls Soccer VS Scappoose @ 6:00 pm
JV Football VS Wilsonville @ 5:00 pm (?)

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[18 Sep 2005|08:30pm]

Is there any place in Seaside/Astoria to get a good haircut? I usually go to Eugene, but I want my hair cut now and have no idea the next time i'll be there.

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I hope it's ok to post this here.... [08 Sep 2005|03:26pm]

[ mood | curious ]

If not feel free to delete, I've already posted in a few travel communities with zero results, but I would like some help.

Next week I'm headed down to Cannon Beach, (from Seattle), for some much needed rest and relaxation. I was told Cannon Beach would be the perfect place for that so I went ahead and booked a place to stay, without checking out what the entire city has to offer...

The only thing I plan on doing besides relaxing is enjoying and photographing the sunsets, are the any other things I should plan on snapping some pictures of? Anything off the beaten path I should be sure to see or do? Any recommendations on places to eat at or to stay far far away from? How about a nice bar or tavern where a single girl can belly up to and feel welcomed by the locals?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or recommendations.

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[03 Sep 2005|11:54pm]

[ mood | curious ]

If there was a Gay-Straight Alliance in Seaside, who would be willing to come? Not nessecarily be able to, but want to?

Thank you!

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[02 Sep 2005|08:48pm]

This is my response to what has happened in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

because of KatrinaCollapse )

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New to list [02 Sep 2005|12:19pm]

Hi, I'm Tiffany George, Mrs. George is you go to WGS or WHS! I live in Astoria, I like to hang out on the beach or at the lake. I like to fish and garden. If I'm looking for something cheap to do with my daughters, we go to the Astoria Column or take a trolley ride. If I'm hanging out with my hubby, cousin, or friends, we go to the movies at the Columbian $3 theater. I don't drink, but they do serve beer and pizza in the balcony for those 21 and over.

I also love Halloween and Christmas.

If you know of free or cheap activities on the North Oregon Coast for kids, I'd love to hear them!

Hyvaa Ilta,
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[21 Aug 2005|01:21am]

[ mood | excited ]

I'm now part of the colorguard. today was ok. Monday will be the best day of my life. The thing is i'm going to sing up for the AIR FORCE. yeah I know I shouldn't ,but I don't care what my mom thinks I love my land so i'm going to fight for it. and well it would make a kick ass senior project.

well I have a website but it needs some work. so i will tell you on monday if i'm in or not

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[29 Jul 2005|02:09pm]

I am considering moving to Oregon sometime but have no idea where. I am looking for an open minded, liberalish city. Lots of beautiful nature (more trees than concrete please!). Warmish weather. I suffer from Seasonal Depression but I like the rain so I could deal with rain as long as there are sunny days as well. Preferably somewhere with a lake or river for swimming (or at least nearby). I can deal with snow but I don't enjoy the Michigan winters I get here, I HATE being cooped up for 5 months of the year!

I am an activist-type, vegetarian, bisexual, dirt worshipping tree hugging hippy with a computer nerd of a boyfriend, 2 cats a guinea pig and a ferret looking for a place with open minded people. I'm tired of living in the outskirts of the bible belt. Tired of being told I'm going to hell, of homophobia and racisim. I tire of concrete and grey skies and trudging through 5 feet of snow to get to school.

Is your town the place I'm searching for?

(thanks for reading this and thanks for any tips/suggestions!)
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[22 Jul 2005|08:41pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I was just wondering how many people would be intrested in comming to High School Writing Night. It's in Seaside, about every other week at seven.


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[18 Jul 2005|11:01am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Recenlty, Nike released a statment saying their support of gay marriage. They've been reciving hundreds of e-mails from conservatives about it. Nike, which is the only Fortune 500 company on Oregon, is also the only Fortune 500 company to support gay marriage. They said this in light of the November election when 55% of Oregonians said that their state shouldn't shouldn't legailize gay marriage.

Yay Nike! You support the three couse as well as gay marriage!

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[12 Jul 2005|09:45pm]


Go here to talk about good music.  You know, not that pop-ish shit they play on MTV.


Plus, you'll be with your fellow nerds...

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[04 Jul 2005|09:14pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Name: Meg Cox
Location: Eugene
School you go to (if applicable): Sheldon High school
Favorite species of animal: Dolphin and bunny. I can't seem to pic a fav
How long you've lived in the NW?: ALl my life
Interests: Just about everything except the whole having sex with dead people, and animals
EEEHAAAAA: I'm bi and proud of it!!!!!!!!
Best place to hang out in your city?: Umm.... At one of like our four malls.. well almost like malls.. two are actually malls but others are just like this huge strip mall.
Make up a better question than these ones, because obviously I SUCK at question-writing:
What would you like to acomplish in life: make as many friends as possible and graduate highschool.

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